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Mehta Tubes Limited Mehta Tubes Limited Mehta Tubes Limited
Mehta Tubes Limited Mehta Tubes Limited
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Mehta Tubes Limited
Mehta Tubes Limited

Flexible and adaptive Mexflow® Copper Cable Terminals
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Copper TubesCopper Bus Tubes For Electrical Application
As per B.S. 2871 Part - 2/72 C 101
Near Equivalent specification B.S. 1977/ 63 & (ASTM B - 188-81)

  • Copper tube used for gas, heater and hydraulic lines, oil burners, refrigerators, evaporators and heat exchangers.
  • Hollow (round, square, rectangular and elliptical) electrical conductors in high voltage installation, induction furnaces etc.

Physical Properties:
Temper Tensile strength kg/mm2 % Elongation on 5.65 A Min..
Annealed 20.5 to 25.5 40
As drawn (M) 27.50 Min -
Electrical Conductivity 99.25% I.A.C.S Min. at 20° C (Annealed)
Chemical Requirements:
Copper (Incl. Silver) 99.9% Min.
Lead 0.005%
Total Impurities (Excl. Oxygen) 0.03% Max

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Copper TubesCopper Tubes for Heat Exchangers & Locomotives
We recommend our copper tube for heat exchangers and condensers because copper's inherent superiority in thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and strength has made it a preferred primary metal for Heat exchangers(radiators) and condensers since the dawn of cars and trucks.

Now, with new technologies, our copper tube can be used to make smaller, lighter and stronger copper radiators. These radiators will be far more environmentally friendly because they are lead free and easier and cleaner to produce. Made with a non-toxic, low temperature allow based on the CuNiSnP system, they can be brazed in the same vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces used for aluminum radiators and at the same temperature (approx. 600°C). And since flux isn't present, cleaning after brazing isn't needed and no dangerous metals remain in the brazing material.

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Copper TubesCopper Tubes for Heating Application & Solar Panels
The copper tube we manufacture finds numerous applications in Heating and Solar Panels. For steam-heating systems, especially return lines, the outstanding corrosion resistance and non-rusting characteristics of copper tube assure trouble-free service and maintenance of traps, valves and other devices.

A modern application of an ancient principle, radiant panel heating, can be used successfully in nearly all types of structures. In panel systems, low-temperature hot water, circulating through coils or grids of copper tube embedded in a concrete floor or plaster ceiling, warms the surfaces and the air. Panel systems offer uniform heating and comfort, an invisible heat source, complete use of the floor area, cleanliness and the elimination of dust-carrying drafts.

Listed below are the properties of the Copper tubes manufactured by us that are ideal for heating applications -

Physical Properties:
Temper Tensile strength Kg/mm2 Min. Elongation % on 5.65 A Min.
Annealed 21.5 33
As Manufactured 23.5 13

Chemical Requirements:
Copper (Incl. Silver) 99.85% Min.
Phosphorus 0.013 to 0.05%
Total Impurities 0.06% Max.

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