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mehta tubes limited
mehta tubes limited mehta tubes limited mehta tubes limited
Mehta Tubes Limited Mehta Tubes Limited
Copper Tubes

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mehta tubes limited
mehta tubes limited

Flexible and adaptive Mexflow® Copper Cable Terminals
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Copper TubesCopper Tubes for Automobile Industries
The industrial copper tubes and copper pipes that we manufacture for the automobile industry has certain advantages over other metals. Copper had been proved since the early days to have many good attributes. It is easy to bend and has very high corrosion resistance.

Copper's inherent superiority in thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and strength has made it a preferred primary metal for radiators since the dawn of cars and trucks. Now, with new technologies, it can be used to make smaller, lighter and stronger copper radiators. These radiators will be far more environmentally friendly because they are lead free and easier and cleaner to produce.

Additional increased copper content results from a number of accessories being electric instead of hydraulic. Power steering and braking are achieved electrically. The efficiency and performance of these two technologies make them candidates for installation on internal combustion vehicles in the near future. Heating and air conditioning are also achieved electrically and in some cases with a heat pump.

Electric Vehicles and even hybrid Electric Vehicles will use approximately twice as much copper as a conventional vehicles and this will provide the added advantage of excellent recyclability when the vehicle is removed from service.

Plain Tubes

mehta tubes limitedCopper Tubes for Marine Applications
Our industrial copper tubes and copper pipes can be widely utilized in the design of seawater systems for their excellent resistance to corrosion and biofouling and many other excellent properties. Copper corrodes at negligible rates in unpolluted air, water, and deaerated nonoxidizing acids. Copper alloy artifacts have been found in nearly pristine condition after having been buried in the earth for thousands of years, and copper roofing in rural atmospheres has been found to corrode at rates of less than 0.4 mm in 200 years.

Copper alloys resist many saline solutions, alkaline solutions, and organic chemicals. However, copper is susceptible to more rapid attack in oxidizing acids, oxidizing heavy-metal salts, sulfur, ammonia (NH3), and some sulfur and NH3 compounds.

Copper is widely used in applications like freshwater and seawater supply lines, heat exchangers, condensers, shafting, valve stems, and marine hardware - in which resistance to seawater, hydrated salt deposits, and biofouling from marine organisms is important.

mehta tubes limited

mehta tubes limitedCopper Strips, Bus Bars & Profiles
We understand the technicalities of working with copper, a softer metal than steel, and one that requires some extra skill in fabricating busbars. With our prototyping capability, we can usually provide samples of busbar, copper busbars and electrical busbar for evaluation. Our copper also finds numerous uses in electrical industries.

Copper Strips
Copper Flats

Some of the properties of copper used in this application are listed below -
Alloy No.
Thickness Tensile
ness HV
Bend Test      
    Over Upto &
  Transverse Longitudinal    
C-1100 Annealed 0.5
210   Angle Radius Angle Radius
  Half Hard 0.5
240 55max 180 Close 180 Close
  Half Hard 2.0
240 70-95 180 - 180 -
  Hard 0.5
310 70-95 180 - 180 -
  Hard 2.0
290 90min 90 - 90 -
          90min 90 - 90 -

Chemical Properties
No. Purity Oxygen Content.
C11000 99.90 (min) Upto 250 ppm

Physical Properties
No. Temper Description. Conductivity
% (20°C)
C1100 0 C1100BB-0 100% (min)
1/4H C1100BB-1/4H 95% (min)
1/2H C1100BB-1/2H 98% (min)
H C1100BB-H 97.16% (min)
Chamfering Radius
Thickness Chamfering Radius
2mm (min) / 5mm (max) 0.8
5mm (min) / 8mm (max) 1.2
8mm (min) / 30mm (max) 1.6

Plain Tubes Plain Tubes
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