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Mehta Tubes Limited
Mehta Tubes Limited Mehta Tubes Limited Mehta Tubes Limited
Mehta Tubes Limited Mehta Tubes Limited
Copper Tubes

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Mehta Tubes Limited
Mehta Tubes Limited

Flexible and adaptive Mexflow® Copper Cable Terminals


Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing Process

Guide to Material Selection
Copper (SF-CU) C-106
Widely used in marine & industrial units, sanitary & heating application, medical gas pipelines etc. In addition to round tubes and copper pipes, copper can also be offered in integrally finned and corrugated rope sections. Good resistance to corrosion in fresh water. Working temperature up to 250 deg.C, cooling water speed 1.5 m/s.

Brass (CuZn30As) CZ-126Brass in the form of brass pipes and tubes gives good service with clean mains, river and lake water here more expensive alloys are not warranted due to lack of server corrosion conditions.

Admiralty Brass (CuZn28SNI) Cz111
Will operate successfully in steam condensers and coolers for land stations where the river waters are brackish and conditions are slightly acidic or alkaline. Also resistant to sulphur bearing gases. Cooling water speed 2.0 m/s temperature up to about 200 deg.C

Aluminum Brass (CuZn20A1.2) Cz110
Extensively used material and one of the most popular. This alloy forms a protective film which has self healing properties. This film is dependant on oxygen dissolved in the water and will not renew itself in polluted or stagnant water. High resistance to corrosion in clean seawater or where land conditions are difficult. Cooling water speed approx. 2.5 m/s working temperature up to 250 deg.C

Cupro Nickel Alloy (CuNi 10 FE 1 Mn) Cn102
Widely used in condensers, coolers and heat exchangers where corrosion resistance and erosion is paramount, yet maintaining a high thermal conductivity rate. To be used preferably in marine conditions. Forms a protective film which is multi layered in flowing sea water. Resist marine bifouling. Cooling water speed 2.5 m/s working temperature approx. 250 deg.C

Cupro Nickel Alloy (CuNi 30 Mn 1 FE) Cn107
Improved corrosion resistance and almost insensitive to stress corrosion this alloy will give superior result in high velocity polluted water including sea water. A reduced thermal conductivity level but will retain its strength at moderately increased temperatures. Cooling water speed up to 4.5 m/s.

Manufacturing Range
Mehta Tubes Limited Mehta Tubes Limited

Mehta Tubes Limited Mehta Tubes Limited

Tubes :-
Outside Diameter 3.0mm (min) - 159mm (max)
Wall thickness 0.3mm (min), Subject to OD
Length 28,000mm (max), Subject to OD & WT

Strips / Bus bar :-
Width 10mm - 250mm
Wall thickness 1mm (min.)
Length Straight & Coil form


Mehta Tubes Limited

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